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AMD: Fusion APU will live in harmony with discrete graphics

With the integration of AMD Fusion APU speed processor draws near, it will impact the existing problem discrete graphics market is attracting more attention, AMD will coordinate arrangements for their own product line on the road? AMD client technology Godfrey Cheng, director of business today, the official blog made by some in-depth explanation.

APU in a silicon integrated CPU, GPU, memory controller, three parts, which is AMD 2006 acquisition of one of the key reasons for ATI, AMD said, however, APU was released, based on the discrete graphics GPU will continue to grow, the fact that the AMD is also developing several generations of the APU, GPU products.

AMD:Fusion APU将与独立显卡和谐共处

AMD Fusion APU speed processor integration

AMD said, APU will not be simply a weak integrated graphics core, but a comprehensive consideration of performance, power consumption, size and cost, the performance of some models even comparable to some of today's discrete graphics market, but also with the graphics architecture The upgrade has been increasing. In short, AMD APU graphics performance equivalent to some discrete graphics, though it is impossible to catch up with high-end discrete graphics, but the integrated graphics than the current board much stronger.

Most needed is an independent graphics card in the implementation of parallel computing tasks when unusually large data throughput, PCI-E bus has diminished and become a bottleneck, forcing a lot of CPU time can only be bored in the waiting, and in the APU on top, CPU, GPU two parts is only a few nanometers through a bus interconnect, bandwidth and delay not a question, This will be the place APU really shine. AMD said their goal is to x86 and graphics performance without sacrificing the premise of bringing advanced parallel computing power.

In short, AMD will continue to constantly develop a more powerful GPU and discrete graphics, and then bring them into APU.

release time :2010-8-9
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