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Hongkong Daily Market Commentary (Aug 25th, 2008)
For NAND FLASH, the spot prices kept the same as the closed prices of last weekend while the quotation was little relatively today. Meanwhile, the spot market was flat and quiet while trading activities were not much. Spot prices of mainstream K9G8G/Hynix 8G UT closed at about$1.68-1.73/$1.71-1.77 while K9GAG/16G UU closed at around $2.65-2.70/$2.63-2.72 respectively.

DRAM spot prices continued to be soft while most traders estimated that the future market would be unsatisfactory, and thus players were cautious to manipulate. As a result, the buying and selling activities both were limited. At close of the market, spot prices of 64Mx8 800 ETT MIRA/128Mx8 800 ETT MIRA quoted at about $0.80~0.83/$1.74~1.79 while 1G 667/800 Samsung pricing reported at around $15.00~$15.40/$15.50~16.00 individually.
release time :2008-8-25
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