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HongKong Morning Market Watch (May 21st, 2008)
NAND FLASH spot market was considerably quiet while enquiring and sourcing activities were not active. At the same time, trading activities lacked activity while the entire spot prices were no obvious movement. Spot prices of K9G8G/Hynix 8G UT quoted at around $3.20~3.35/$3.20~3.3 while K9LAG/UV AG pricing reported at around $5.20~5.30/$5.18~5.25 respectively.

DRAM spot market was a little active while offering and sourcing activities both increased noticeably. In the meantime, spot prices of DDR800 modules kept firm while trading activities and pricing of 1G Samsung 800 picked up obviously. Spot prices of 64Mx8 800 ETT MIRA/128Mx8 800 ETT MIRA quoted at about $1.00~1.05/$2.02~2.10 while 1G 667/800 Samsung pricing reported at around $18.30~19.00/$20.00~20.50.
release time :2008-5-21
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