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Winbond has no plan to change capex budget
  Despite planning to move its commodity DRAM production to a more advanced node to feed foundry demand from Qimonda, Winbond Electronics reiterated that its planned capital expenditure (capex) will remain unchanged in 2008.

Winbond reiterated that its capex will be NT$140 billion (US$45.5 million) in 2008 as the required funding to convert from a 70nm trench process node to a 65nm stack process is less than expected. The company has no plan to adjust its capex yet in the near term.

Winbond plans to ramp up its 12-inch wafer capacity from 29,000 wafers to 31,000 wafers per month. Of the expanded capacity, 20,000 wafers will be assigned to feed foundry demand from Qimonda, the company said.
release time :2008-3-18
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